ILCA Turbo pack - Harken vang block

The ILCA Turbo Pack with Harken vang block is a key upgrade for older boats.

This Turbo Pack offers increased purchase on Vang, Outhaul and Cunningham control lines and includes efficient Ronstan orbit blocks to reduce friction.

The ILCA Turbo Pack includes:

  • Cunningham plate with loops
  • Cam cleat plate assembly
  • Harken vang block with top & bottom blocks;
  • Vang key;
  • 6 x Ronstan Series 30 Orbit blocks;
  • 3 x Dyneema spliced ropes (vang, outhaul & cunningham) and
  • 3 x Dinghy control lines (vang, outhaul and cunningham)
  • 2 x Parrell beads;
  • 1 x Twisted shackle for attaching the outhaul block to the gooseneck
  • 2 x D shackles for Cunningham plate blocks