New Boat Inclusions

What do you get with a new ILCA Dinghy Complete ?

See the list below for what comes standard with your new kit, you can add and upgrade to suit your needs, contact your local dealer for the best options.

Hull with fittings
Cunningham plate with blocks & Harken Camcleat plate + screws
Sail numbers
Batten set
Rope kit ( see below for inclusions )
Turbo kit ( see below for inclusions )
Rudder head
Rudder blade
Top section-carbon
Lower mast section - alloy
Boom - alloy

Turbo kit
5 x Ronstan orbit blocks
2 x plastic beads
1 x Harken turbo vang ( 1 x large block & 2 x smaller blocks in plastic bag )
1 x vang key
1 x twist shackle
Vang lines kit
Outhaul lines kit
Cunningham lines kit
Mast rope – 1.0m x 4mm line

Rope Kit
1 x mainsheet – 12.5m
1 x traveller line – 3.7m
1 x shockcord – 2m
1 x rudder tie down line – 1.5m x 4m  line
2 x Harken cam cleats with screws
1 x Harken traveller block
1 x rudder bolt
1 x tiller pin
1 x rudder retaining pin
1 x Ronstan ratchet block with rubber boot and shackle