PSA ILCA Race dinghy inclusions

What do you get with your new PSA ILCA Race dinghy ?  See below for our ILCA Race dinghy standard inventory. 

You can add / upgrade to suit your requirements - contact PSA or your local dealer to discuss the best options for your sailing needs.

PSA ILCA Race dinghy

1 x PSA built ILCA fitted hull (includes all fixed deck fittings including Cunningham plate and camcleat plate with Harken micro camcleats & fairleads)
1 x alloy lower mast section (ILCA 4,6 or 7)
1 x PSA built carbon top mast section
1 x PSA built boom
1 x ILCA rope kit (see below for inclusions )
1 x ILCA turbo kit (see below for inclusions )
1 x centreboard set
1 x rudder head and blade
1 x carbon tiller & extension
1 x ILCA sail (ILCA 4,6 or 7(Mk2 only))
1 x batten set to suit sail
12 x sail numbers

ILCA new boat rope kit

1 x 12.5 m ILCA mainsheet
1 x Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block with rubber boot and shackle
2 x Harken camcleats for mainsheet
1 x traveller line
1 x Harken double traveller block
1 x 2 m black shockcord + plastic hook for centreboard
1 x rudder tie down line
1 x rudder retaining pin
1 x rudder bolt

1 x tiller pin

 ILCA new boat turbo kit

1 x 15:1 vang kit (1 x Harken vang block & 2 x 16 mm blocks)
1 x vang key
1 x vang line kit (control line & base line)
6 x Ronstan Series 30 orbit blocks (2 x Cunningham plate, 2 x Cunningham, 2 x outhaul)
2 x D-shackles for Cunningham plate block attachment
1 x twist shackle for Cunningham block attachment
1 x Cunningham line kit (control line & base line)
1 x 6:1 outhaul line kit (control line & base line) 
2 x parrell  beads
1 x mast rope