ILCA Traveller Line - 5mm Dinghy Star Pro (per metre)

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FSE Robline brings you the most high tech dinghy line on the market, the Dinghy Star Pro line. The combination Dyneema SK-90 core and a uniquely blended PBO/Dyneema SK-75 cover produces extremely high breaking load values in the core, combined with zero creep and exceptional abrasion resistance for the cover.

The tightly woven blend of PBO and Dyneema SK-78 of the cover make this line highly resistant to abrasion and UV damage. This grippy cover holds well in hand or in cleats and can be stripped off to save weight at the end.

Core is a coated, super strong Dyneema SK-90.  SK-90 is substantially stronger than SK-78, which is used in most Dyneema core lines for a given size.

Low stretch and water absorption.

Gold and white

5mm – sold by the metre